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I started my own Instagram Account solely to showcase cocktails I've tried or made.

Please drink responsibly.


Life is a Peach Moscow Mule

Ingredients: lime, ginger beer, peach, mint leaf, peach vodka, & Ice.

Instructions: 1. Dice peach, place in drinking glass, cut lime in half and add juice, muddle. Add mint leaf, muddle. 2. Fill with ice, add vodka, and ginger beer. Mix. 3. Optional- add slice of lime and peach.

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Michelada- A Spicy Farewell

Ingredients: Tajin, kosher salt, 2 limes, 2tsp hot sauce, 1tsp Worcestershire sauce, 1 bottle Corona.

Instructions: 1. Pour Tajin/salt in shallow dish in an even layer. Rub a pint with lime, then dip glass into dish. 2. Add lime juice, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce to pint glass. Add a pinch of salt, fill glass with ice, and top with beer. Stir gently.